Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An excusable absence.

Well hi there friends.
I've been offline for a few months now - with good reason. I have a new baby boy (now four months), have sold a business and packed up my family and moved 1000ks North to Mackay. So you'll forgive me for going missing for a while!

And now for more exciting, yarn related news.

A visit to the Mackay Library today made me chance upon the biggest Yarn Bombing effort I have ever seen in person! A huge fig tree outside the Library is just covered in tags of all shapes and sizes and colours. There is crocheting and knitting and pom-poms and even small stuffed animals dangling from the tree.

A polite sign reads
This is an ongoing guerilla knitting project for the enjoyment of all.
Please do not remove any pieces, but you're most welcome to add your own.
Thankyou for your consideration and have a great day.
The Mackay Guerilla Knitters.

Obviously I plan to do that ASAP!
A google search of the group behind this project doesn't reveal a blog or a contact. So I'll add a few tags with a card attached with this blog address, and see if they find me.
I'll let you know how I go.......

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  1. Oh lovely to see you back blogging.. and congratulations on the baby. Wow what a change you have had in 6 months. Thanks for the photo of the tree, looks spectacular.